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Sona Digital Group

What We Do

Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing a winning digital strategy for your business takes experience and knowledge of your specific industry. Our team has years of experience is multiple industries to help guide your business to success.

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Social Media

Each social media channel presents different opportunities to target your customers and build a community of ambassadors. We’ve helped companies build and execute their social strategies. Let us help your business.

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Streamline business processes, attract new customers or sell your product online on any platform or device. Our team of developers work to build solutions that are truly ground-breaking and revolutionize industries.

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User experience, design and web development are at the heart of what we do.  To stand out, your design and development must be  attractive and easy to use. Our professional  team studies industry trends to build industry leading applications and websites.

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Search results

We drive traffic to your site, app or social media presence through paid and organic search campaigns. Our campaigns are constantly tweaked to maximize traffic flow to your site.

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We believe that having fun is part of the job. We take advantage of our awesome surroundings and climate to just get out. It fosters better relationships, inspires innovation and generates great solutions.

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Industry Experience


Our team has worked with local visitor bureaus, state tourism agencies and local businesses and resorts to achieve their marketing goals.


With over 10 years of retail marketing and e-commerce experience, we have the experience to achieve you goal.

Real Estate

We’ve worked with real estate agents and title agencies to boost exposure and tailor solutions to the specific needs of the industry. 

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our experience in CPG crosses many industries including beer, ice cream, snack products and more.


From individual medical practices to entire health systems, our team knows the healthcare market and the unique opportunities that are available for healthcare marketing.

Higher Education

Our team is focused on creating brand awareness and versed in the latest technology to target the first time student and continuing education segments.


Companies Who Worked With Us

We’ve help many businesses achieve their digital marketing and development goals. How can we innovate for you?