Notes from the Oregon Trail

Sona Digital Group

Ever since I was a kid, I was always interested in technology and the web.  My first computer was an IBM with DOS.  Didn’t do much beyond basic commands, but the thought of having a computer was awesome. I remember the day we picked it up. I was so excited to get it home and see what it could do.

In elementary school, my kindergarten class was the first in the school to have a computer in the classroom. We played (really) basic games.  When I enter second grade, my class was chosen as a test class to use brand new computer lab and freshly unpacked Tandy 2000 for educational activities (and Oregon Trail).

It’s amazing… 28 (or so) years later to look back and think I was the first generation of computer users in my school is amazing. Computers have literally been in existence my entire life, but I can remember a time we didn’t rely on them. They were a novelty or a resource to type up a report or even get dysentery on the Oregon trail.

Turn the clock forward and technology seems almost as vital as food and water itself. We can’t order pizza, find our way around town or communicate with each other without the small computers in our pockets.

As a marketing professional, we don’t shy away from technology. The constant evolution of devices and platforms not only provides an environment of constant innovation, it provides an environment of constant opportunity for our clients.

Imaging being the first (and exclusive) beer on the most popular new savings app. Millions are using emerging technology to put their products on the screens of exactly the customers they want to reach.

We’re fording the river of ever energizing digital opportunities. We’re always learning, always exploring new technology and always strategizing how those technologies can be used to revolution our client’s marketing efforts.

No one is left behind on this journey and even if the wagon wheel breaks, don’t worry, we’ve always have a spare.

From Chimney Rock,

Josh, Managing Director


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