New Product Launch: Power Generation Dashboard

Sona Digital Group

The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority in Lebanon, PA tasked Sona Digital with developing a real-time dashboard to display landfill gas power generation, wind turbine power generation and solar array power generation. The authority also wanted to expand functionality to show historical data and show power generation impacts in real-world terms.

Sona Digital developed a history logging service to store data from the power generation for archival use. In consultation with the client, it was determined the most meaningful statistics that can be drawn from the data is homes powered per year, the amount of CO2, a greenhouse gas, avoided by creating power from landfill gas rather than fossil fuel, and the methane, a greenhouse gas with 25 times the Global Warming Potential of CO2, converted from landfill gas to energy per year. These metrics offer a perspective of how the power generation station at Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority is making a difference in the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

The dashboard displays real-time power output, total (all time) power output, as well as the last 24 hours of output in chart form. A chart was also developed to display up to the last 30 days of power output.



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