US Retail Flowers Inc.

As one of the largest retail florists in the United States, US Retail Flowers trusts Sona Digital to maintain and enhance their full suite of websites and applications.

E-Commerce Website

US Retail Flowers Inc. runs a multi-million dollar e-commerce websites and Sona Digital maintains and is tasked with redeveloping all the company’s e-commerce sites to include consumer friendly features, ease of ordering, improved organic search rankings (SEO) and a modern design.

Internal Applications

In addition to all e-commerce needs, Sona Digital builds custom internal web applications for reporting, administration and management that touches every aspect of the client’s business, including e-commerce site mangement, HRIS system, order entry and more.

Android Delivery App

Sona Digital built and maintains a Android based mobile delivery app which streamlined the business delivery processes with technology and concurrently improve efficiencies and save resources. We devisedĀ a solution for delivery drivers to provide mobile tablets for use in viewing delivery runs, GPS navigation, VOIP calling, real-time customer delivery notifications and more. The solution also enabled management to effectively compute driver efficiencies, view real-time location and run status of the drivers and monitor the driver’s driving habits to ensure safety and compliance with company policies and laws.